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Information and Rules

Group Rules

:bulletred: We accept any type of Katawa Shoujo-related art, be it written, drawn, sculpted, etc. We even accept cosplays!
:bulletred: We ask that pieces have some effort put into them. We understand that people have varying skill levels, but we can tell if you have honestly put effort into something or not.
:bulletred: Yes, we accept Works in Progress as long as there’s enough done for it to be recognizable.
:bulletred: You have to follow the general rules of dA for all submissions and anything involving the club. This is a given.
:bulletred: All submissions have to be focusing on Katawa Shoujo, not just ‘look, I put Hanako in the corner of this 1000-Characters piece!’ It can have other characters or elements, but we ask that the focus of the submission be KS.

:bulletblue:To join, just click the Join button! Membership is completely open.

:bulletyellow:Want to be an affiliate? Just note us!

:bulletgreen: If there’s problems with anything, please feel free to note the club! We’re actually very friendly.

Katawa Shoujo's First Fan Group!

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:iconrainbowheartplz1: :iconrainbowheartplz2: :iconrainbowheartplz3: :iconrainbowheartplz1: :iconrainbowheartplz2: :iconrainbowheartplz3:

Katawa Shoujo

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All of the Katawa Shoujo characters and their biggest fans!

(Let Rin-Tezuka know if you want to be added)

- Emi -

- Hanako -
:icondraezeth: :iconmomomomomomomo: :icongabihermosa1234:

- Kenji -

- Lilly -
:iconmelkyrion: :iconleesan3077: :iconpgleo86:
:iconstoniestpepper: :iconzerero:

- Miki -

- Misha -
:iconrin-tezuka: :icontheoneroadhome:

- Mutou -

- Nurse -

- Rin -
:iconzincspider: :iconindigomoodswing:

- Shizune -

Please tell me of whoever you want to have added!



None so far!

I recently received a request from a group set on making their own visual novels, asking if I could make some sort of post trying to recruit people to help them work on their projects. Seeing as this group is based around a visual novel, perhaps some of you are interested?

You can look here or read below for more info if interested:

Aratta Studios
Aratta Studios is an international, amateur studio, focused on creating Visual Novels. The studio was
created on 30 April 2012 with the idea of creating a Visual novel called Saigo no Chansu. We are currently recruiting for this visual novel project and already have 10 developers. Our team consists out of 3 artists, 4 writers, 2 co-writers/editors and 1 composer. Do note that none of the positions are paying jobs.

Saigo no Chansu
Saigo no Chansu is the name of our visual novel. The visual novel is a Bishoujo-styled novel that’s focused on romance and drama. Its setting is mainly a high school in modern Japan including such places as: Dorm rooms, classrooms and the school campus. The visual novel itself uses a traditional text and sprite-based model. Its story will be told through the perspective of the protagonist using a first person narrative. Keep in mind that it will have a high level of drama.

Positions we're recruiting for

We are still looking for writers for 2 of our characters and their routes. These are the routes of Amaya and Mana. We’re also looking for co-writers for all routes and editors. Please click on the following link for more information about the characters:…

We're looking for at least one or two more character artists who are able to draw in roughly the same style as seen in the examples on our website. We're also looking for background artists as well as background photographers. Editors who're able to edit the photo's and background are also needed.

We're still looking for more background music composers.

For more information about the available positions go to:

If you're interested in applying, please go to as commenting on this article is not a proper way to contact them. Thank you!
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shiftycat887 Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i'll keep submittin gart, even if Ryder is the only other person here
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Ryder-Sechrest Mar 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
There should be a fan fiction where Walter Jr. Form breaking bad become a student and sells meth
Cult-of-Aggression Jul 23, 2013
Want to help me right it breaking back
Cult-of-Aggression Jul 25, 2013
Mutuo gets diagnosed with cancer and comes to Hisao to cook crystal meth to pay for his procedures?
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shiftycat887 Jul 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
if anyone has any requests, let me know
Art requests?
shiftycat887 Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah. got one? lay it on me
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